Welcome to the Venetian Waterways, Boating Lake and Island Cafe

North Drive | Great Yarmouth | NR30 4EW

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Welcome to the Venetian Waterways

The Waterways was constructed in 1926 by the local men of the town as a project designed to boost post war employment and tourism. The project took inspiration from the city of Venice and in particular the Rialto Bridge.

Almost 100 years on from its creation, the same Waterways exist today.

Today, we’re proud to boast hundreds of different plant species across our seven acres, alongside a whole host of wildlife residents.

From the southern entrance, you are met with winding canals, weaving their way under a network of bridges, which allow visitors to immerse themselves amongst stunning fauna and flora as well as historic ornamental features.

A gentle wander to the north reveals Great Yarmouth’s only boating lake, where adventurous visitors can charter a pedalo or traditional rowing boat. If taking to the water isn’t your thing, the Island Cafe at the boating lake offers a wide range of savoury and sweet treats, freshly brewed coffee and more.

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Explore the plant life

The plant life at the Venetian Waterways in Great Yarmouth offers a sensory feast for visitors, with its diverse array of colors, textures, and fragrances. Whether strolling along the water’s edge, exploring meandering pathways, or simply relaxing on a bench surrounded by blooming flowers, visitors are sure to be captivated by the botanical beauty of this enchanting destination.